Our History

An industrial team, called SimaSang, has developed heavily and effectively by setting up the modern production lines of stone to make optimum processing of natural stone. Primary steps of constructing this plant began with a land of 7 hectares in Shahid Salimi town in 2005 by a group of academic experts. It is adjacent to Travertine Mines Complex in Azarshahr and finally after different processes and installation of different kinds of modern Italian machinery it was exploited in 2010, despite sanctions.


This unit includes Tile and Slab production lines to process marbles, and travertine. In addition of using intelligent systems for cutting and polishing, it also has automatic resin sprinkler systems, Catalytic stoves, electromagnetic furnace and etc. It is one of the few plants which uses new and high advanced system of UV stoves for marble stone processing.

CNC machines are next operated systems of the plant which the similar ones to it are used in well-known European countries. These machines are able to produce Three-dimensional figures in various dimensions and give a special capability and quality to different kinds of mineral products.

Production machines of stone mosaic, any kind of Stone Profiles, Antique Stones and edge polishing are the other special systems used in this plant.

Design and organization of the production lines of the plant is based on studies in valid research institutions of Europe and they are also formed based on current mining and human capacity in Iran that leads to decrease manpower activities and hard work of ore production, reduce waste and overhead costs and increase Stability of Stone.

It is important to know that intelligent machines with trained and educated staff of the factory make it possible to have manufactured products and continuous quality which can compete with the foreign products.

High precision, action speed, high quality and mass production of any natural stone products in standard and free sizes set this unit among those which can specially create added value and employment, increase exports of wrought stones and decrease waste of natural stone which is God-given wealth.